1st Seniors Open 2021

1st Seniors Open Better-Ball Stableford
Wednesday 2nd June 2021


1st: S W Lloyd & B Hudson 46pts
2nd: M Booth & D Charlesworth 45 (23b9)
3rd: J Carley & D Barton 45 (21b9)
4th: P Clarke & D Stone 43
5th: K Holt & R Swindells 42 (21b9, 15b6)
6th: T Hendley & G Beardshall 42 (21b9, 13b6)
7th: G Beaumont & C Gibbs 41 (20b9, 15b6, 8b3, 4b1)
8th: J Thompson & G Howell 41 (20b9, 15b6, 8b3, 3b1)


5th: D Stone
12th: N Wiliams
15th: C Bell
17th: D Charlesworth

The Seniors' Committee would like to congratulate the prizewinners and thank all who entered, with special thanks to those who helped 'behind the scenes' to make this a successful and enjoyable day

2nd Seniors Open 2021

2nd Seniors Open Better-Ball Stableford
Wednesday 1st September 2021


1st: G Watts & P Fenton 44pts
2nd: C Harper & D Woodhead 43 (23b9, 16b6)
3rd: G Glover & J Francis 43 (23b9, 14b6)
4th: B Allison & A Stone 43 (22b9)
5th: B Gilliver & A Thomas 43 (19b9)
6th: O Dawson & J Parr 42 (22b9, 14b6, 7b3)
7th: M Waddington & P Whyke 42 (22b9, 14b6, 6b3)

Target Holes

3rd: J Newsome
5th: B Davidson
12th: G Bartholomew
17th: P Hensman

Congratulations to the prizewinners and thank you to everyone who took part, we hope to see you all again next year

The Seniors Section of Wath Golf Club would like to thank all who helped to make this a successful and enjoyable day