Gents AM-AM Open 2021


Friday 16th July 2021


1st: P Fenton, G Watts, A Elfleet, L Stead 92pts
2nd: M Bentley, A Dobson, G Dobson, T Leach 91
3rd: S Ellis, T Peace, P Kimmling, K Needham 87 (49b9)
4th: C Walker, M Wilds, J Carley, D Barton 87 (43b9)
5th: P Pettinger, M Parker, R Newton, S W Lloyd 87 (41b9)
6th: P Harper, R Taylor, G Glover, N Burkinshaw 84 (44b9, 30b6)
7th: R Butcher, M Corker, A Oldfield, A Sturman 84 (44b9, 29b6)
8th: A Yates, C Clarke, A Coulton, M Guest 84 (40b9)

Nearest Pin
3rd: R Frisby
12th: S Maw

Another successful and enjoyable day, with many prizes going to members of visiting Golf Clubs

Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to the prizewinners, we hope to see you all again next year