A Short History

In the spring of 1904 a small group of local business men met to hold a golf competition on a local field on the outskirts of Wath, little did they realise what was about to happen.

Following the golf competition the group decided to form a club, they rented some local fields and started to develop a small 9 hole golf course.

During the year interest had grown in the local community and the first Annual General Meeting was held in 1905 when it was decided to name the club Wath Golf Club. During the following years the
club continued to develop, a small clubhouse was erected and inter-club matches were arranged against teams from neighbouring Rotherham and Barnsley.

In 1945 the club moved to its present site on Abdy Lane in Wath Upon Dearne. Since that date the club has continually grown, both in the number of holes, from 9 to 14 and finally in 1988 to 18.

Since then a 22 acre practice facility has been added to allow golfers to develop every part of their game.